Quality Control

Quality has to be priority at North Basin Coating, without quality we will never show a distinct separation between us and our competitors.
North Basin Coating’s Goal is to put out a holiday free, quality product in following with the manufacturer’s specification and also in conjunction with Nace Standards.
We do all work in accordance with the following standards as required by; NACE, SSPC, AWWA, and ASTM.

Visual Inspection of Blasted Surface and Grinded Welds
  • All welds will be inspected for correct grinding in accordance with NACE RPO-178C.
  • All surfaces to be coated will be blasted in accordance with NACE/SSPC-SP5/ISO Sa-3 white metal blast.

Anchor Profile
  • Sufficient sized abrasive will be used to produce a minimum 2<4 mil anchor profile.
  • Profile will be determined with the use of replica tape, (X Coarse Testex Tape) NACE Standard RPO287.

Dry Film Thickness/ After Completion of Coating
  • The DFT will be checked in accordance with SSPC-PA2 with a calibrated magnetic DFT (pull-off) gauge.
Holiday Detection
  • Holiday detection will be done with a low voltage (67.5 volts) wet sponge detector. (NACE SP0188)
MEK Cure Test
  • The manifold will b e tested for proper cure in accordance with MIL-C-24712A
All tests will be recorded on the inspection sheet and signed by the inspector, and NACE certified coating inspector. North Basin Coating’s Inspection Procedures:
  • Visual Inspection of Manifolds
  • Wet Sponge Holiday Detection
  • Random Mill Thickness Checks
  • Random Documented Inspections
  • Maintaining Good Workmanship
North Basin Coating’s definition of Good Workmanship is as follows: Coatings will not contain excessive runs, sags or obvious defects. Slight imperfections may be sanded and repaired with epoxy touch up.
NACE Coating Inspector -
Andrew Bushong
If you have any questions regarding quality, contact Andy@northbasincoating.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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