What is Fusion Bonded Epoxy?

Fusion Bonded Epoxy, also known as FBE is an epoxy based powder coating that is applied to pipe and steel to protect from corrosion. The powder is applied to the heated substrate (Normally about 400 Deg. F), where the powder melts into a liquid form and becomes a solid coating by chemical cross-linking. This process is known as “fusion bonding”.

The two fusion bonded epoxies we apply are:
  • Scotchkote 134 – This is normally used in potable water applications as it is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and meets the requirements of AWWA standard C213 and C550.
  • Corvel 1660 – This FBE is specifically designed for CO2 service and is used in applications of harsh environments.
  • EP-10 Primer - This primer is REQUIRED under the Corvel 1660 for CO2 service.

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