Greener Choices

Environmentally Compliant
Powder coatings meet EPA standards since no solvents are released into the atmosphere. Therefore, costly air pollution control equipment is not necessary. Waste is negligible. In addition, cleanup is performed without the use of solvents, and health and safety concerns are minimized due to a clean work environment.

Powder coatings resist cracking, peeling or marring, which can minimize shipping and handling damage. The finish also reduces porosity, resulting in less surface imperfections. Extremely abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant, powder coatings provide a finish which is superior to most other organic coatings.

Cost Effective
The use of powder coatings reduces equipment, energy, labor, and production costs compared to conventional liquid systems. Powder is supplied in a ready-to-use condition--no mixing or viscosity control is necessary. A wide variety of coatings chemistries can be applied with the same equipment, the desired film thickness can be achieved in a single pass for most applications, and the process produces fewer rejected parts.

Powder coatings offer excellent uniformity without sags, drip marks and other surface irregularities. Just as with liquid paints, powder coatings are offered in various colors and gloss levels and can be custom-blended to match your needs. In addition, powder coated parts can be machined and most powder coatings are recoatable.

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