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Greater Treatment Quality
North Basin Coating, Inc. began in 1982 as a three person operation and has since experienced several periods of growth. What began as a pipe, valve, and fitting coating company catering mostly to the oil industry has diversified into a multifaceted powder coating operation.

In 1988, North Basin Coating, Inc. added liquid coating operations in both the field and the shop. In 1995, after a period of seven years, the liquid side of the business was sold in order to concentrate our efforts in diversifying the powder coating side of our business.

North Basin Coating, Inc., was the first company in West Texas to offer electrostatic powder application. Our first application for powder coating was to the exterior of the pipe that we were coating internally. We have seen the advantages and many uses for powder coating and have expanded our applications to include the agriculture, industrial, and construction markets.

North Basin Coating, Inc. consists of two facilities; one in Levelland, TX which includes 37,500 square feet under roof on 15 acres with an indoor blasting facility. Our other location is in Odessa, TX and consists of 7,500 square feet under roof on 3 acres. We can coat a wide range of items from small parts to those up to 42' long and weighing 5,000 pounds.

North Basin Coating, Inc. is one of the largest, cleanest, and most modern powder coating facilities in the United States. We have a NACE Certified Coating Inspector on staff, and are a member of The Powder Coating Institute.

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